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Our favorites

Super Sonic Nerve Tonic

 Our Supersonic Nerve Tonics are water-soluble, meaning they are instantly bioavailable in your system, which makes them fantastic for spot treating issues like sleep or anxiety. You begin feeling the effects as you as soon as you slip them into your mouth.

They are suspended with essential oils to catalyze the healing, anti-inflammatory process.  


Jolly Jane's gummies are great ways to spot treat the problem, with just enough medicine to address the current situation. Eat one when you feel your personality is taking a turn for the worse or the inflammation in your body is beginning to become painful. You can also use them as a boost to your concentrated medicine.

Choose 5 mg or 20mg for mood and overall nerve health. The perfect choice for children with neurological issues and or emotional challenges. They are meant for less exacerbated conditions and are great for spot treating issues like sleep or anxiety.

the baby blend promise

because where and how your CBD is sourced matters

When you shop Baby Blend, you are shopping organic, shopping family-owned and shopping small batch. 


Many CBDs you'll find on the market have limited healing potency because they are sourced from hemp. Considering the lack of any real flowering going on at the hemp level (male plant), it’s difficult to believe there is much CBD value if any due to the isolated cannabinoid in the hemp plant. Using just the hemp plant as medicine dismisses the entourage effect of all homeopathic plant-based medicine. 


Cannabis has a plethora of supporting cannabinoids and terpenoids that provide medicinal value. For effective medicinal use, the whole plant panel must be present for healing.  


Both hemp and cannabis have value in our lives, when it comes to healing and nourishing your nervous system and endocrine system.   

“Baby Blend CBD is a true healer. The difference between this product versus what you find at Sprout's is unbelievable. There's actually no comparison whatsoever. I'm never going back, and I advise that you don't either."



Baby blend



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