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Considering the lack of any real flowering going on at the hemp level (male plant), it’s difficult to believe there is much CBD value if any due to the isolated cannabinoid in the hemp plant. Cannabis (the female plant), has a plethora of supporting cannabinoids and terpenoids that provide medicinal value. Using just the hemp plant as medicine dismisses the entourage effect of all homeopathic plant based medicine. For effective medicinal use, the whole plant panel must be present for healing.  


To sum it up, hemp is the workhorse and Cannabis is the medicine and both have value in our lives.

One to heal our bodies  and one that allows us to live in harmony with the natural world as hemp truly is food,

shelter, clothing and  fuel with little impact on the environment.  For more details visit the FAQ's page.

CBD is Medicine, Hemp is Good for the Environment
Pure Fully Extracted
Cannabis Oil 
Tinctures, Edibles and Concentrates

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